For how long?

Why couldn’t her heart fly ..??

Why couldn’t you hear her cry??

Stranded in that cage ..

Her life was just a crumbled page..

They assumed her life to be a rose…

Nobody saw the worse dose…

The thorns were yet undiscovered..

Help! She mummered.

And..No one came.

So ,she was silenced for that frame..


But because she made up..

Made up her mind to stand up strong..

Maybe this couldn’t last for that long!.

Yet , she tried.!

Tried while drooping along the wall..

As her legs couldn’t take it all..

Step by step she walked..

Wishing someone could talk..

Alone ,weak but yet so strong..

Even if it couldnt last for that long.! :’)

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Longest to love

It doesn’t take long enough to love a person.Right?

But then is that love strong enough? What takes time to build is much more stronger my friend..!!

So what takes the longest to love?? Yourself.

Not days .. not weeks..Neither months ..Nor years.. You carve yourself everyday a little.. At times you get perfect strokes,at times you fail. But, it all sums up to self love.. How you love yourself ? Not only loving the *perfect * You but also the*Torn apart*You.

Remember it takes long to carve a diamond perfectly..But at times its the internal shine that matters.

Love yourself! Its a never ending process, but its worth it.❤

Picture by : Chayachitr By Chehak

Teri sherni bnkr

Kuch uh teri sherni bnkr

Teri ankho ka tara bn jaungi..

koi agar gurrane na bhi de..

Tere sir ka taj bn jaungi.

Beti hun me teri..

Esa kuch krke dikhaungi..

Ae insaan mujhpr grj kr to dekh..

Apne papa ki trh ,tujhpr barish bn kr brs jaungi!


Mistakes are common.. Everyone, at some point of their life ,make mistakes. Yes, i do make mistakes. You do make mistakes too.

Well relax, let me explain a little. The word describes itself. They are all the takes you miss while filming your life. Does that mean it was your last take? No. Indeed a big NO. 

There are retakes.. Nobody is perfect, neither me, nor you.  All we can do as imperfect perfectionists is to learn. Never regret a mistake, because whenever you make a mistake you learn something. 


Let go!

Loosing someone near and dear is something we all consider a nightmare!! Every person in your life walks in for a purpose but soon after their role is over,they will leave! The truth is that you can’t hold back everyone. It’s probably a universal truth that only some stay!!  So my friend the loyal ones wont leave and the fake ones will walk off soon after their motive is complete !! So why are we afraid to loose people who never deserved to stay??Remember my friend ,the more you have to lose the weaker u’ll be and the less you have to loose the stronger u’ll be..So prefer being stronger.Why not? Also, the ones who want to stay will never walk off! And hence you are never losing them!!

So keep calm and let go.. :’)

Was it *your day*?

Its not *your day* always! There could be days you are shattered, days when you want to give up, days when you cry alot, days when you are alone.! But, you know what? Its perfectly fine! :’)

Without those sad days ,happy days would mean nothing! Without those destructive days ,productive days would mean nothing! Without those days when you are alone, you will never understand the love you receive. And the best part? Without those days when you feel like giving up, and you dont, you wont be able to experience that moment of pride ,of you being strong enough and not giving up!

So relax my friend. No problem is as big as the happiness and love you receive. Yes! Maybe not today ,but soon and that day will be *your day*!!! Till then, no one is walking to you to help you out ,until u scream for it! So standup,help yourself! Its you who can make or break your day! So let go off the negativity ,breathe the positivity in and smile.

My unsung hero

Every time we shared  that ice cream with chocolate at the end of the cone..we fought for the last bite. Though with great sadness ,he always gave priority to my happiness. Offering me the last bite, filled with chocolately regret ,he said ‘This will be the last time and from today onwards ill eat that bite’. Everytime i heard that made me feel the same, blessed and loved, as i knew that would always belong to me. Why? Maybe because he called me fat  but for *my brother*  deep inside i was a princess to him. Yes , My brother.

Every brother is the same. They’ll irritate you, beat you up , prank you,scare the shit out of you for their fun because thats a perfect brother’s all time job!  They pretend to be the most careless but they care for you the most! They pull your hair but still keep you like a princess in their heart! They will tell you that you look worse even if you dress your best ,

but deep inside u are the world’s prettiest person for for him !! 

 To all the brothers in the world,You will always be a hero to your sister, even if an unsung one.. And ofcourse Thankyou for annoying us but still as a princess.❤

MOTHER’S DAY: An unread chapter

Walking down the lane,i saw an old lady enjoy her orange Popsicle.Her eyes could express her contentment.That was probably the happiest scene i could see until i saw a muscular man smiling at her. He was probably his son.

In today’s world , where people are busy teaching their young one’s the importance of MOTHERS DAY, that was something that delighted me and yet i discovered another unread chapter.

You will probably celebrate this mother’s day with your children or your parents eating at good places,shopping,making cards and what not. But wait. What about the old lady still working for you,no she isn’t your mother.What about the heavenly soul who beside caring those large baggy eyes ,still watches huge dreams for you. She? Your grandmother ,or should i say *GRAND* mother.

This mother’s day,lets make a change, walk up to your mother wish her but make sure you make your grandmother’s day a lot more special. Well,she is the only reason behind your parents and your existence.

Believe me even a small effort like a *Popsicle Date* would make her day. She spent her whole life helping you and your parents,its time for you to make her day. Can you?_MG_0793



Strong enough ,she faced heart breaks ,fake people , partial people, day to day politics and what not!? But I was curious enough to know as what hurted her the most ? Her answer was something so deep that i could never expect! She said * REPLACEMENTS

Before I could question her ,i think she read my face and answered!! ”Watching someone else live the dream you dreamt off, watching them walk through the paths you discovered long ago!!”” Deep!Isnt it? She continued ,maybe you could be the most deserving one but where destiny plays its role ,remember, its for your good! Ull be broken down ,smashed into powder but learn how to remould that powder to the better *you*!

 And when asked about the keywords to the path back this galling journey?  She asked me to read the first 2 words again ! She was  *Strong enough* :’)               



Putting the first step forward🐾 ..Lets promise!

People say promises are meant to be broken.! Right.? But then what forces you to promise again!? What forces you to believe in those stupid yet adorable promises..? Hope.❤ But wait! Today, promise yourself. Promise that you wont give up on yourself.. Promise that you’ll love yourself.. Promise that you’ll keep yourself above very person.. Promise you’ll never hurt yourself..Promise you’ll never let this hope die..Because appearently the day it does.. It will not only shatter the promise .. but also *YOU* .. So step up.. Promise ull never break this promise. Because loving yourself is the best you can do. I promise. Do you?❤