MOTHER’S DAY: An unread chapter

Walking down the lane,i saw an old lady enjoy her orange Popsicle.Her eyes could express her contentment.That was probably the happiest scene i could see until i saw a muscular man smiling at her. He was probably his son.

In today’s world , where people are busy teaching their young one’s the importance of MOTHERS DAY, that was something that delighted me and yet i discovered another unread chapter.

You will probably celebrate this mother’s day with your children or your parents eating at good places,shopping,making cards and what not. But wait. What about the old lady still working for you,no she isn’t your mother.What about the heavenly soul who beside caring those large baggy eyes ,still watches huge dreams for you. She? Your grandmother ,or should i say *GRAND* mother.

This mother’s day,lets make a change, walk up to your mother wish her but make sure you make your grandmother’s day a lot more special. Well,she is the only reason behind your parents and your existence.

Believe me even a small effort like a *Popsicle Date* would make her day. She spent her whole life helping you and your parents,its time for you to make her day. Can you?_MG_0793



8 thoughts on “MOTHER’S DAY: An unread chapter

  1. Surely, the present generation needs to come out of the ‘Selfie’ box and BE there with elders a little more to make all their days special and not just a few….
    I’m with you on this one… Inspire to make this day remember and pay the due respects to our grand parents as well…

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