Strong enough ,she faced heart breaks ,fake people , partial people, day to day politics and what not!? But I was curious enough to know as what hurted her the most ? Her answer was something so deep that i could never expect! She said * REPLACEMENTS

Before I could question her ,i think she read my face and answered!! ”Watching someone else live the dream you dreamt off, watching them walk through the paths you discovered long ago!!”” Deep!Isnt it? She continued ,maybe you could be the most deserving one but where destiny plays its role ,remember, its for your good! Ull be broken down ,smashed into powder but learn how to remould that powder to the better *you*!

 And when asked about the keywords to the path back this galling journey?  She asked me to read the first 2 words again ! She was  *Strong enough* :’)               




Putting the first step forward🐾 ..Lets promise!

People say promises are meant to be broken.! Right.? But then what forces you to promise again!? What forces you to believe in those stupid yet adorable promises..? Hope.❤ But wait! Today, promise yourself. Promise that you wont give up on yourself.. Promise that you’ll love yourself.. Promise that you’ll keep yourself above very person.. Promise you’ll never hurt yourself..Promise you’ll never let this hope die..Because appearently the day it does.. It will not only shatter the promise .. but also *YOU* .. So step up.. Promise ull never break this promise. Because loving yourself is the best you can do. I promise. Do you?❤