Putting the first step forward🐾 ..Lets promise!

People say promises are meant to be broken.! Right.? But then what forces you to promise again!? What forces you to believe in those stupid yet adorable promises..? Hope.❤ But wait! Today, promise yourself. Promise that you wont give up on yourself.. Promise that you’ll love yourself.. Promise that you’ll keep yourself above very person.. Promise you’ll never hurt yourself..Promise you’ll never let this hope die..Because appearently the day it does.. It will not only shatter the promise .. but also *YOU* .. So step up.. Promise ull never break this promise. Because loving yourself is the best you can do. I promise. Do you?❤ 


11 thoughts on “Promises💘

      • And I like that you use your own pictures. That’s good . If you could try to not use emoticons in the content , it will probably make you look more stable and proficient writer / blogger . Emoticons and condensed words are very much influenced by social media and tends to build a negative rep of the writer / blogger among the readers (completely based on personal evaluation and judgement) . Just a piece of advise . Otherwise I like the raw essence of it

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      • I really appreciate your advice.. But sir ..i am a strong believer of positivity.. I agree it seems much influenced by social media..but social media is a boon..and nothing in the world seems negative to me as a reader or writter. Well thats my motive. But ill try and improve . Thankyou so much sir. 🙂


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