Teri sherni bnkr

Kuch uh teri sherni bnkr

Teri ankho ka tara bn jaungi..

koi agar gurrane na bhi de..

Tere sir ka taj bn jaungi.

Beti hun me teri..

Esa kuch krke dikhaungi..

Ae insaan mujhpr grj kr to dekh..

Apne papa ki trh ,tujhpr barish bn kr brs jaungi!



Mistakes are common.. Everyone, at some point of their life ,make mistakes. Yes, i do make mistakes. You do make mistakes too.

Well relax, let me explain a little. The word describes itself. They are all the takes you miss while filming your life. Does that mean it was your last take? No. Indeed a big NO. 

There are retakes.. Nobody is perfect, neither me, nor you.  All we can do as imperfect perfectionists is to learn. Never regret a mistake, because whenever you make a mistake you learn something.