My unsung hero

Every time we shared  that ice cream with chocolate at the end of the cone..we fought for the last bite. Though with great sadness ,he always gave priority to my happiness. Offering me the last bite, filled with chocolately regret ,he said ‘This will be the last time and from today onwards ill eat that bite’. Everytime i heard that made me feel the same, blessed and loved, as i knew that would always belong to me. Why? Maybe because he called me fat  but for *my brother*  deep inside i was a princess to him. Yes , My brother.

Every brother is the same. They’ll irritate you, beat you up , prank you,scare the shit out of you for their fun because thats a perfect brother’s all time job!  They pretend to be the most careless but they care for you the most! They pull your hair but still keep you like a princess in their heart! They will tell you that you look worse even if you dress your best ,

but deep inside u are the world’s prettiest person for for him !! 

 To all the brothers in the world,You will always be a hero to your sister, even if an unsung one.. And ofcourse Thankyou for annoying us but still as a princess.❤


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